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Devsiri Peiris (Deco)
PADI Master Instructor – # 267623
Emergency First Response Instructor

Tel. 0717373513

Devsiri Peiris (DECO)
PADI Master Instructor (MI 
# 267623)
No. 368 | Baudhaloka Mawatha | Colombo 07 | Sri Lanka
Mobile +94717373513 | Face Book : devsiri peiris

For more details on Scuba Diving in colombo or anywhere else in Sri Lanka, call or mail me on

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    Diving Sri Lanka April 2017


    I would like to enquire about diving with your centre. Please find below some facts about my arrival in your area:

    * I am traveling on the Magellan cruiseliner which will dock at the following ports of call:
    – Colombo, Sri Lanka, 10th Apr from 09:00AM until 23:30AM
    * The earliest I can meet with one of your staff to go diving is usually 30 to 45 minutes after disembarkation. I have to be back on board by no later than the times indicated. Please note that due to the unpredictability of traveling by cruise ship this can change by plus or minus 30 mins.
    * I am looking to do as many dives as possible in each one of the places given and between the times given, either shore dives or, preferably boat dives during that limited time.
    * I have a preference for diving different sites along a shoreline or by rib and not just a house reef during my stay even if this means fewer dives. I do not wish to join try divers or dive on sites where try divers are taken unless there is likely to be lots to see on the day of the dive.
    * Please advise about the current visibility conditions in the sites you take divers as this is likely to influence my wish to dive or not.
    * Please advise about the what can be seen currently in the sites you take divers as this is likely to influence my wish to dive or not.
    * I will only need weights and normal air tank.
    * I am traveling with 3 pieces of wetsuits: a full 5mm wetsuit, a 2.5 mm vest with hood and a 2.5mm shortie. I’d be grateful if you could advise which of the three pieces you recommend I take for the dives.
    * I will need pick up to be arranged to and from the harbour. If you cannot arrange this please provide me with the name and phone number of a couple of taxi companies that can arrange the transfer and please indicate how long such a transfer is likely to take.
    * I’m a fully insured BSAC Sports diver with 250 dives. My last dive was in February 2017.
    * Please note I am unable to print and scan and email any pdf form as I have no access to a printer.
    * I also dot not easily have access to a phone as phoning from the ship is very expensive at USD9 a minute.
    * In view of the above, please advise if I can pay in USD by cash on the day and not pre-book by credit card.
    * This enquiry is just for one person, ie, me

    Kindly confirm this can be organised and what package you recommend along with costs in USD.

    If you are unable to attend this request, kindly send me email addresses of centres or agents who are in a position to do so or advise what other activity could be possible on the same dates.

    Many thanks,

    Kind regards,

    Mike Garvin

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