Scuba Diving and your Ears

Simple Understanding of your Ear

As a scuba diver you may experience difficulties in equalizing your ear pressure while descending, experience some discomfort or funny sounds inside your ear even after diving or you may meet some diver who is facing this issue. Understanding some basics about your ear can reduce or prevent any problems during or after diving.

The Ear can be referred to in three sections such as outer ear, middle ear and inner ear. In the Diagram above, the Tympanic Membrane is what we commonly refer to as the ear drum, and from the ear lobe to the ear drum is the section we call the outer ear. The Cochlea is part of the inner ear which helps us with our balance. The section between the Ear drum and the Cochlea is referred to as the middle ear.

Most difficulties divers face are either in the outer ear or the middle ear. and most problems people face with equalization or discomfort in their ears during or after dives is because of wrong equalization techniques. A common misconception among divers is that you must equalize when you feel discomfort and before you feel the pain. The right time to equalize your ears is before you feel any discomfort.

If you are in Sri Lanka and you have any difficulties with equalization or any discomfort in your ears due to diving please do feel free to contact me and I can help you overcome or prevent equalization issues. There are things you can do before dives and after dives to help you with your ear problems . WhatsApp +94717373513

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