Giant Puffer Fish Attacks Diver!


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2 responses to “Giant Puffer Fish Attacks Diver!

  1. von

    Seems like an interesting encounter. Why doesn’t the puffer fish seem to puf??

    • Hey Von.. Yes it was a very unique and interesting encounter..
      I ve been diving this site for the past 5 years almost on a weekly basis. Most of the PADI Advance Courses are conducted here. Never encountered this before.

      The Puffer Fish will blow only when hey need to defend themselves and make an escape. If its a Porcupine fish, when it blows itself up his spines will stick out..

      In both the Puffer fish and the porcupine fish they blow themselves up to look bigger and also to escape the predator.

      So this Puffer was not trying to escape from me… Actually you should ask the question why didn’t you blow up.

      Thanks, that’s actually a very interesting question. I ve never seen a Puffer blow itself up. But some times we find them floating on the surface because they were bloated.

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