Are puffer fish poisonous to humans ?

Last week during Rachel’s Advance Open Water Diver course, we had an interesting encounter with a huge Puffer Fish. Just as all the divers descended to the reef this fish swims straight at all the divers and started to look very interested about the divers. Wonder what the divers looked like to this fish.

Within a few minutes the Puffer Fish started to get more curious and wanted to get a closer look at the divers. It looked very aggressive and tried to attack one of the divers. After the dive it was interesting to discuss whether the toxin in the puffer can harm divers during a dive,  Whether all Puffer Fish have spines or is it only the Porcupine Fish family has spines.

Fortunately Rachel had her camera and filmed the Puffer Fish attacking the diver, which will be uploaded here in a few days.  P2P5P8

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