Aqua Missions , PADI Seal Team , S. Thomas College Scuba Diving Unit

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Dhanika, Rory and Sashen , our latest PADI Seal Team members at S. Thomas College Scuba Diving Unit.




PADI Seal team starts at the Age of 8 years. Clearly for these kids, Scuba diving is far more easier than standing still for a photograph.. really !!!


Rory and Dhanika after completing their first Aqua Mission



Sashen after completing the First Aqua Mission


Rory with Instructor Rohan


Dhanika relaxing before Aqua Mission 2


Yeomal and Kivindu assisting PADI Seals Rory, Dhanika and Sashen


Setting up their dive equipment in preparation for Aqua Mission 2



PADI Seals Rory and Dhanika setting up their Dive equipment with the help of Yeomal and Kivindu for Aqua Mission 2


Sashen on Aqua Mission 2. By the end of Aqua Mission Five, all three of these PADI seals would have completed a considerable portion of Scuba Diver training equivalent to the Confined Water Session 1 of the PADI Open Water Diver Course


PADI Seals Dhanika and Rory having fun at 4 meters Depth. After completing all 5 Aqua Missions these PADI Seals can continue their training in the 10 PADI Specialty Aqua Missions.

1.  Aqua Mission Creature I.D Specialist

2.  Aqua Mission Environmental Specialist

3.  Aqua Mission Inner Space Specialist

4.  Aqua Mission Navigation Specialist

5.  Aqua Mission Night Diver Specialist

6.  Aqua Mission Safety Specialist

7.  Aqua Mission Search & Recovery Specialist

8.  Aqua Mission Snapshot Specialist

9.  Aqua Mission Wreck Specialist

10.  Aqua Mission Skin Diver Specialist


PADI Master Instructor Luke (Deco)

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