PADI Seals ! Kids Scuba Diving courses from the age of 8 years


Kids learn Scuba diving as fast & easily as the adults do, sometimes maybe even faster. From the age of 8 years they can start with the PADI Bubble maker course where they learn the basic skills of scuba diving in a shallow swim pool while having loads of fun in a very safe setting.

After completing the PADI Bubble maker course they can progress on to becoming a PADI Seal. During the PADI Seal course they complete 5 AquaMissions, how ever it doesn’t end there.

They can then work towards becoming PADI Master Seals. To become a PADI Master Seal they must complete 10 Specialty AquaMissions.

AquaMission Specialties

1.  AquaMission Creature I.D. Specialist

2.  AquaMission Environmental Specialist

3.  AquaMission Inner Space Specialist

4.  AquaMission navigation Specialist

5.  AquaMission night Specialist

6.  AquaMission Safety Specialist

7.  AquaMission Search & recovery Specialist

8.  AquaMission Skin Diver Specialist

9.  AquaMission Snapshot Specialist

10. AquaMission Wreck Specialist


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5 responses to “PADI Seals ! Kids Scuba Diving courses from the age of 8 years

  1. Arnab Sinha (PADI Staff Instructor)

    Very empowering program run by a very innovative and experienced instructor – Mr. Devsiri Peiris! I have personally witnessed Mr. Peiris practicing his trade, I would put him in the top rank. I like his approach in different segments of demographics and how he challenges all to do the best.

  2. Hey this looks soo cool.. hope the students enjoyed it alot.. nice picx too.. (y)

  3. ellys

    So cool….great job dear inst Dev….

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